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ZHEJIANG LONGYOU XINXIDI ELECTRONICS CO., LTD was established in March 1998 and has since become a renowned industry specialized in developing and manufacturing a variety of receivers with high quality and favorable prices of television antennas. It has grown through its successful management policy of prioritizing quality above all else, combined with a work etiquette based on the combined efforts of all levels of the enterprise. After 20 years of consistent growth due to advanced technology and economic aptitude, the company has gained acclaim in the electronics industry with modern facilities and a workforce of over 600 employees.
The company has always aimed to grow through technological advances and quality recognition. With this in mind it has established a research department for development of technology, adopted advanced inspection equipment, employed and overseen the growth of a number of professionals in the area, and actively implemented new domestic and foreign developmental strategies, all in order to constantly innovate and improve product quality. 

As a result our merchandise has gained praise in the world market due to its better quality and more accessible price when compared to international products of the same kind. Today, exports of the company's hundreds of products have grown steadily, and have continued to receive positive reviews from our customers.

The company's leaders believe that prospering in a furiously competitive market as today's is much akin to trying to swim against the current; if progress ceases, one immediately begins to regress. With this in mind any achievements are met with a critical eye, always seeking room for improvement and establishing new goals to develop a stronger company.

 The Shanghai branch was recently established as the company's window to the international market, and has obtained outstanding levels of success after much work in few years. Today our products are present in many markets worldwide, including the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa, and we have won the trust of our customers, may they be domestic or foreign. However, we understand that we have yet to unleash the company's full potential.

With China's entry into the World Trade Organization, the domestic electronics industry now faces a great challenge while also being offered new opportunities for growth and entry into the international market. Despite these obstacles, our company continues to strive to improve product quality, believing that it is the key to survival and international recognition.

Our research and development team has grown in efficiency; the management level has improved daily; the workforce's skills and abilities have been fully developed. Due to our efforts, the company passed the ISO9002 inspection in 2001, and our products have also been approved by the 3C and the European Union's CE attestations. With the new requirements established by the European market in January 2006, our products have also obtained the RoHS approval. All these achievements now provide a solid base for further growth and development of the company.

We are proud of our past and confident in respect to the future. With that, XINXIDI ELECTRONICS CO., LTD will continue to strive to reach new horizons in the decades to come.